How Social Media Impacts Your Funeral Home

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  1. Chuck Hitzeman , on Aug 4, 2011 at 18:57 Reply

    In one aspect Social Media is great. In another it can be quite devastating. It’s sad how easy it is to use Social Media to divert “steal” web traffic and your business’s good will. What happened to the ethics of the funeral business??? It has gotten so bad, webpage’s are designed to look similar, words and phrases are published that are classic cases of misrepresentation. When we (funeral directors) or our families post things to online social media places, even sometimes for a fee; watch out for competitors on how they take that information and manipulate it for their personal use and gain. It’s almost if they are standing at your corner or the entrance of the cemetery and handing out their literature and pushing their services directly to your families. What will be next?

    It greatly saddens me to look at my family business of 107 years: the reputation we have and the “Dignified Service” we provide, the respect we maintain in our communities; then all the unethical practices that hurt our entire industry, by ruthless competitive unethical practices. If you would like a better understanding of what was described in the video please feel free to give me a call at 708-485-2000. If it’s happening in Chicago it might be happening in your area too. Don’t let unethical practices steal your families and your goodwill at your expense.

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