Team Training Video Series

lead your teamHave you committed to transforming your business but you are struggling to get your team onboard?


Introducing the 12 part video training series specifically designed to educate your team.

Each lesson consists of a 30 to 40 minutes of new training video plus worksheets delivered once a month for 12 months.

Sample Topics

  • The origin of “NO” – what happened to your families?
  • Now what? Choosing your new business model
  • The Strategic Marketing Process – Eliminate the guess work
  • Creating a culture for success
  • Developing your new skills
  • Understanding what today’s families want
  • Arranging with baby boomers
  • Protecting your reputation on line
  • plus many more…..

All content will be geared towards helping your team come up to speed with you and become valuable contributors as you reengineer your business to meet the challenges of serving today’s baby boom market.

Investment: $89/month

This product is currently being produced. To pre-order the product at a 10% discount contact John Callaghan on his direct line at (248) 987-8210


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