Strategic Planning Service

Is it time to take your funeral home business in a new direction?

Jumpstart your business with a two-day intensive Strategic Planning session.

All sessions are customized for your individual needs but listed below is a typical agenda.

Preliminary events

  • business profile completed by client
  • review of client website
  • review of competitors’ websites
  • review of client profiles

2 Day On-site Consultation by John Callaghan

Day 1

  • Facility tour
  • Questions from business profile
  • Review of current business model and performance
  • Review marketing/advertising initiatives from recent years
  • Review marketing tracking system used by client
  • SWOT Analysis for your business
  • Review of Competition
  • Establish desired competitive position for client
  • “Understanding Today’s Consumer” – level setting presentation by John
  • Identifying your “Ideal” Family
  • Identifying ideal family’s hot buttons
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) development
  • Who+What+How+Own it= Strategic Advantage!

Day 2

  • Finalize USP
  • Finalize strategic business objectives for next 12 months
  • Define key performance indicators for measuring marketing success
  • Outline website changes required to support USP
  • Define strategy for cultivating more referrals
  • Assess current arrangement process
  • “The Path We All Walk” – arrangement process presented by John
  • “Social Media and the Future of Funeral Home Marketing” – level setting presentation by John
  • Define strategy for lead generation (pre-need and at-need)
  • Define strategy for educating the market
  • Define strategy for improving awareness
  • Define high level marketing calendar for next 12 months

It’s two long hard days and you should only consider this if you are serious about putting your business on a new path.

Call John Callaghan at (888) 504 2980 to schedule this session.

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