Marketing Coaching Program

Are you ready to take your funeral home business to the next level?

Have you read the  Strategic Marketing Process ebook but realize that you could use some help implementing the plan?Strategic Marketing Process

The private Marketing Coaching Program may be right for you!

John Callaghan will personally coach you through the process of completely reengineering your funeral home business to meet the demanding needs of today’s consumers. Meeting via skype or webex he will guide you through the process, help you find the right solution for your unique market, and challenge you to implement changes as fast as possible.

Warning! You will be pushed outside your comfort zone! This program is not for complacent business owners who just want to talk about change but not actually do anything.

The Marketing Coaching Program is strictly limited to 4 clients at any given time. If the spots are all full your name will be placed on waiting list.

The program is structured into the following 3 levels.

  • Walk – one coaching session per month
  • Jog – two coaching sessions per month
  • Run – two to four sessions per month plus extra time to reengineer your business as fast as possible

The coaching process is the same in each case. The only question is how quickly you want to reach the destination.

Bonus – when you join the Marketing Coaching Program you will also have free access to the Team Training Series to make it easier for you to engage your entire staff in the transformation process.

To learn more about the program, and to see if a spot is currently available, contact John Callaghan at (888) 504-2980 extension 1


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