Introducing the Loving Farewell for Innovative Funeral Homes

Attention Funeral Home Owners!

Are you tired of competing on price? Are you looking for new approach but don’t have the time or money for a long business reengineering process?

The Loving Farewell is the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Loving Farewell is a complete turnkey marketing system for your funeral home. It is specifically designed to appeal to today’s baby boomer family that is faced with the loss of a loved one and is evaluating funeral homes.

How your funeral home will benefit….

  • reduces the number of price shoppers by educating families on the value of providing a gathering time (a.k.a visitation) and a farewell ceremony (a.k.a. memorial service)
  • gives you new options for people who don’t want a traditional funeral service
  • gives you more free time by using videos to answer the questions people ask you every day
  • positions you as an educator, coach or guide as opposed to an order taker
  • exclusive territory allows you to establish a unique position even in a crowded market
  • will simplify your life AND allow you to serve more families!

To learn more about how the Loving Farewell can transform your funeral home business, contact John Callaghan at (248) 987-8210