Video Domination Service – NEW SERVICE

Watch this video to learn how you can dominate Google’s first page with simple videos.


Interested in taking our funeral home video marketing service for a $1 test drive? (that’s right…just $1)

It all begins by you picking your target phrase. It could be something like “funeral home Columbus” or “cremation Orlando” or whatever phrase you wish to target.

For just $1 we will kick off our proprietary video distribution process which will send your video all over the Internet. We will then begin an intensive promotion process to make sure that Google recognizes your video as being relevant to your chosen keyword phrase.

Typically within 2 to 4 weeks your video will be one the first page of Google for your keyword phrase. It may take longer for highly competitive phrases but we will keep promoting your video until you are on page one.

Once you are on page one, and stay there for at least 5 days running,  we charge a one time first page reward fee of $299.

We then continue to promote your videos on an ongoing basis and charge a monthly service fee of $150. (if we do not continue to promote the video, Google will think it’s not popular and it will drop off of page one).

These fees are for a single video and a single keyword phrase. If you require multiple keyword phrases ask us about quantity discounts.

Our Exclusivity Guarantee – If we target a phrase (e.g., funeral home Miami) for you, no other client will be allowed to target the same phrase. So lock out your competition today!

There is no long term contract so this service can be canceled at any time.

Remember, it will only cost you $1 to see if we can get your videos on page one of Google.

Don’t have a video? Not a problem, we will create a custom video for you. Video creation ranges from $99 to $399 depending upon content and duration.

To check if your target phrase is available call John Callaghan at (248) 987-8210